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Master Keith Wilkes

5th Dan Kukkiwon
Kwan Jang Nim (Head of Schools)

Master Wilkes began his Taekwondo training at the age of 15 within the International Taekwondo Federation in Denver, Colorado. A published author and speaker, he is one of the first 100 martial artists to pass the Instructor Certification requirements of the American Council on Martial Arts Instructor Certification program. Master Wilkes earned an A.S. in General Studies from Vincennes University in 1980 and a B.A. in Broadcast Communications with a minor in Psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1990. Besides the martial arts, he enjoys gardening, playing golf and spending time with his wife.

Greg Spotts

4th Dan Kukkiwon
1st Degree Kung Fu
Head Instructor – Mechanicsburg
Certified Youth Developmental Programs Instructor

A full-time instructor, Greg joined FEAR KNOT in 2007 after studying Taekwondo in the area for several years. Greg says its exciting to have the opportunity to help our younger students along in their martial arts journey. Having a life-long passion for the martial arts and drive to be a professional instructor, this is 'his thing'. Oh, and Go Eagles!

Dee Nevills

2nd Dan (1st Dan Kukkiwon)
Co-Head Instructor - Lancaster

With a degree in Criminal Justice from Colorado State University, Dee has made a career change after 20 years in the public safety/security sector. Coming to Fear Knot because she likes the positive atmosphere and friendly people at our schools, Dee enjoys helping others and being able to teach something that she's passionate about. Heading out on a dirt bike or ATV are her outside interests. At home she spends time with her family, decorates and collects antiques.

Chase Clements

2nd Dan
Co-Head Instructor - Lancaster

A senior at Elizabethtown Area High School, Chase has been with FEAR KNOT since enrolling on our Pre-Ninjas program at 3 years old (2003). He enjoys his training because it gives him a chance to meet new people. Chase decided to help with classes because he likes helping others learn the things he's learned over the years. Other than martial arts, Chase plays lacrosse.

Dixie Evans

3rd Dan
Assistant Youth Developmental Programs Instructor

A retired business owner, Dixie joined FEAR KNOT in 2010 for the physical and mental energy gained in learning martial arts. She decided to become an instructor to pass on the enjoyment and self-confidence of learning Taekwondo. As the 'senior' member of the staff, Dixie has diverse interests that include volleyball, swimming, playing the piano and 'aiding and abetting' her grandchildren.

Brian Lobel

2nd Dan
Assistant Martial Arts Instructor
Assistant Youth Developmental Programs Instructor

A project architect with Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Assoc., Brian has B.A. in Art (Graphic Design) from Millersville University. He decided to join FEAR KNOT's instructor corps after watching the positive effects the school's programs had on his son. He says he likes to help motivate the students to push themselves and do their best everyday. When he's not at FEAR KNOT, Brian enjoys bicycling, running, traveling and reading.

Arriane Hanna

2nd Dan
Assistant Martial Arts Instructor
Youth Developmental Programs Instructor
Certified Little Ninjas Instructor

A junior at Elizabethtown Area High School, Arriane has been at Fear Knot since 2012. A dedicated student, she loves working with the younger kids and really enjoys the job. Besides her activities here, she also has an interest in mixed martial arts, plays electric guitar and dances.

Chris Keller

1st Gup
Assistant Martial Arts Instructor
Youth Developmental Programs Instructor

Chris comes to FEAR KNOT with prior experience studying Isshinryu Karate. He joined the team because of his love for the martial arts and the positive qualities it instills. Chris also wants the chance to teach those values to the kids and help them better themselves. His other interests include watching football. He's also a gamer.

Junior Instructors

Maddy Weeks

2nd Dan
Junior Instructor
Certified Little Ninjas Prep Course Instructor

An 8th grader at Elizabethtown Middle School, Maddy has been with Fear Knot since she was 3 years old and helping with classes since she was 9. She loves working with the children, wants to share her skills and says they brighten up her day. Outside the school, Maddy plays French horn in concert and jazz bands along with dabbling in art and writing songs. She also plays ukulele and keyboard.

J.R. Mizerak

2nd Dan
Junior Instructor

An 8th grader at Mechanicsburg Middle School, J.R. began as a student in FEAR KNOT's Little Ninjas program. Now in the Leadership Program, he enjoys helping the younger students in their classes. As a student, J.R. enjoys learning the advanced weapon skills and leadership lessons. When he's not in uniform, J.R. works on his school studies (math, reading, & science) and participates in a variety of youth sports.

Jarrett Fry

2nd Dan
Junior Instructor

An 8th grader at Eagle View Middle School, Jarrett has been with Fear Knot since 2011 when he enrolled in the Karate Kidz Program. He decided to join the instructor corps because he wanted to put his leadership program skills to the test by working with the younger students. Jarrett has a great time teaching the students and when he’s not on the floor Jarrett practices his videography, hunts, and sometimes breaks out the rod and reel.

Katarina Dovat

Junior Blackbelt

A junior at Hershey High School, Katarina joined Fear Knot in 2012 when she enrolled in the school’s TKD program. She decided to join the junior instructor ranks because she enjoys teaching and passing down her knowledge. Katarina also says teaching gives her a chance to meet and interact with new people. Aside from helping Fear Knot’s students, she also volunteers at Hershey Medical Center and is a volunteer instructor for the Hershey Figure Skating Club’s “Learn to Skate” program.

Allison Gantz

3rd Gup
Junior Instructor

A 5th grader at Donegal Elementary School. Allison has been with Fear Knot since joining the Karate Kidz program when she was 8 years old. She decided to join the apprenticeship program because she's had fun learning martial arts and wants to help other kids have fun learning those skills as well. When she's out of the school Allison enjoys swimming, riding motorcycles, going to the family cabin, and playing with her friends.

Nicholas Lakata

5rd Gup
Junior Instructor

In the 6th grade at Lititz Christian School, Nick started his martial arts training in the Karate Kidz program. He cites developing more discipline as one of the reasons he chose to become an apprentice junior instructor and he likes to help the other kids learn. When he's not on the training floor, Nick likes running, riding his bike, and swimming.

Sammie Gallick

Junior Blackbelt

A 5th grader at Londonderry Elementary School, Sammie has been a member of Fear Knot since joining the Karate Kidz program in 2015. Sammie says she loves studying the martial arts because it's helping her prepare for "the world". She also wants to help others like she has been helped. Besides her training, Sammie travels, plays softball, and enjoys math, art, & animals.

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