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A+ After School Martial Arts

Why A+ After School instead of traditional after school care?

Parents tell us there’s a need for an after school program where their children will be safe from bullying and in properly supervised, structured environment. Add to that the everyday stresses of getting your child fed and ready for school and then yourself ready for work. Then you have to pick them up from day care, go to martial arts class, and then home for dinner and homework.

The A+ After School Program will relieve the stress of having to leave work in time to pick up your child, get them to their martial arts class, then go home for dinner and help them get their homework done. Instead, your child will spend their afternoon constructively. Their after school time will be spent on their homework, other quiet time activities, and their martial arts class. Once you pick them up at Fear Knot, you’ll have time for a relaxed dinner and quality time with your child the rest of the evening.

Because our tuition is priced competitively with traditional after school care, your child will have quality care and learn important lessons in their martial arts classes.

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Held at our Mechanicsburg & Elizabethtown schools, our A+ After School Program provides parents an exciting alternative to standard after school options for children 5 through 12 years old. Basing the program on our traditional and age-specific, age-appropriate youth character development programs, your child's after school experience will be a fun filled and unique experience. Each student's afternoon will be filled with appropriate martial arts training that teaches them about discipline, focus, respect and making good choices in a structured setting. Each day will also include physical games, exercise, and study time. We make after school care perfect for parents too by offering convenient pick up times and camps on select school holidays.


FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz facility offers a large training floor and a separate study and activity area. The training floor is where students hold their martial arts classes. During their down time, the study and activity area offers a nice break from the afternoon's physical activities where the students can study, complete their homework, and enjoy other downtime activities. Each student is also provided a storage space for their equipment and other personal belongings.

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Our A+ After School Program is staffed with professional blackbelt instructors, program directors, senior staff members, and assistants with CPR certification along with criminal background and child abuse clearances. Those staff members are trained and dedicated to providing a great experience for every student. Our staff's purpose is to give your child plenty of attention and encouragement, making their experience fun and productive.

Character Development

Our students are taught about being disciplined, controlling themselves, showing respect, and paying attention. They also talk about why those skills are important as they grow up. Separated by age, our developmental classes use basic martial arts skills to help teach those valuable life lessons in a way that fits the learning abilities of each group. In addition, students are taught the same class curriculum as all other Fear Knot students.

What Parents are Saying...

In our son's other after school program, they had a lot of children either playing outside or in a gym at the school. It was just a place to play. Now he's learning character-building principles in Fear Knot's program. Our son has opportunities for leadership and is treated as an individual.

We can now come home and spend the evenings together rather than running back out. We have more space and time for homework, dinner, and family time. As parents, our after work time is much less stressful now that we can be together and do other activities we have wanted to do but couldn't find the time.

Dan & Jackie I.

Our previous after-school care was quite crowded. It was frequently chaotic when we picked up our children. Not so at Fear Knot where they teach about having self control and respect for authority. Now we have time in the evening to attend activities we can do as a family. We appreciate this so much!

Janna B.

How do I get started?

Simply submit the online registration form or give FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz a call at 717-361-9788 to register your child for the A+ After School Program. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions at that time. After School Martial Arts spots fill up very quickly. Call today to reserve your child's space.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

What is the program’s tuition?
Tuition: $420 per month

Enrollment Fee (1 time): $84.00 per child

What will my child learn in the martial arts class?
Your child will learn the same curriculum as our evening students.

How will my child get from their school to Fear Knot?
Transportation is provided from your child’s school to our facilities

Where will my child keep their uniform and equipment?
All A+ students need a bag to store their uniform and equipment in. Bags must zip closed. Students may keep their bag (in assigned spaces) at Fear Knot during the week. However, uniforms must go home on Friday to be washed. Students may only leave their martial arts related equipment, all other items and school work must go home every day.

Are snacks provided after school?
We highly recommend that children have a snack in the afternoon. If students are bringing a snack please ensure that it will last throughout the school day. Sodas and candy are not recommended due to the high sugar/caffeine content. There will be ample time for your child to enjoy his/her snack after school.

Will my child have time to do their homework?
Every A+ day incorporates a period of quiet time. This time is great for homework, reading or drawing. The A+ area is well equipped with other activities appropriate for this time. Please help us make this a productive time by sending your child(ren) to the A+ Program with a favorite book or other appropriate activity.

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Pick-Up & Student Not Attending Program:

When should I pick up my child?
Pick up time for the after school program is 5:15 pm. It is very important that you are on time to pick up your child(ren) as we staff our program based upon the operating hours of the program. We ask that you call if you are running later than usual as children will often be concerned when being picked up later than usual.

Can I pick my child up early?
After the daily martial arts class, students change at designated times while participating in other activities. Therefore, depending upon the time you arrive for pick-up you may need to wait while your child(ren) change out of their uniform.

What if my child is absent from school?
If your child(ren) is not going to ride the A+ Program Bus you must call ahead to inform us. This is very important! Without notification we must ensure that the child(ren) is not attending the A+ Program for the day before leaving your child’s school, thus delaying our other pick-ups and possibly delaying the A+ Program as a whole.

What about school cancellations?
If the public schools in the area which our Fear Knot facility is located are closed, then the A+ AfterSchool Martial Arts Program is closed. For early dismissals due to snow or an emergency we will pick up your child at their school unless you call to inform us otherwise.

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Payments, Cancellation, and Other Policies:

What are the payment options?
Fear Knot offers bi-monthly, monthly, & pay in full payment options.

What if we need to cancel our membership?
You may cancel your membership with 1 month's notice.

Are there any options available when schools are closed for in-service days or other closings?
We offer an extended A+ Program on many school holiday’s and teacher workday’s.


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