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Karate Birthday Parties

Karate Birthday

What's a Karate Birthday Party?

It’s Different, Safe and FUN! Our Karate Birthday parties give the friends of our younger students the chance to experience FEAR KNOT’s Children’s Character Development Programs in a party setting. Our parties are structured for fun and games while showing the partiers that martial arts training is both fun and educational.

What's the Plan?

After a few introductions and words about the birthday boy or girl, the children will play a few of the drills or ‘games’ used in our Little Ninjas or Karate Kidz classes. These drills are age-specific and age-appropriate and are the same ones used to teach our younger students about discipline, controlling their behavior, building their confidence and improving their physical abilities. Since the children look at these drills as games, they’ll learn and have fun at the same time!

Who Runs the Party?

FEAR KNOT’s trained staff does the hard work; keeping the children occupied during the party. Since they’re thoroughly trained to work with every age-group, they’ll make sure children of any age have a great experience! Our instructors know what to expect from each age-group and how to effectively run the games for maximum effect and fun for the children. All the parents have to do is watch the fun, take lots of pictures and get ready for cake!

Martial Arts Birthday Parties

When Do They Get Cake?

After we’ve worked up their appetites with a few games, it’ll be time for cake, ice cream and any other goodies. The parents will bring the party supplies like table cloths, plates, plastic ware, etc. The table(s) will be set while the instructors are keeping the kids occupied. There’ll be a ceremonial cake cutting your child will be sure to remember. After they’ve satisfied their cake buds, it’ll be time for presents.

What's Left to do?

Well, almost nothing. Our staff will clean up after the party. FEAR KNOT will take care of sending personalized invitations and thank you notes. Everyone who attends the party will receive a gift certificate good for free classes in any of FEAR KNOT’s developmental programs. Exactly what will be done by the parents will be discussed at the time you schedule your party. About all you have to do is show up and watch the fun!

How do I get started?

Simply fill out our online information request form and we'll give you a call. Or, give FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz a call at: 717-361-9788 and we'll be happy to answer all your questions about Karate Birthday Parties!


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