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Held at our Mechanicsburg school, our Martial Arts & Sports Summer Camps provide an exciting and productive summer of fun in the South-Central Pennsylvania area for children 5 through 12 years old. Basing the camps on our age-specific, age-appropriate youth character development programs, your child's summer will be a fun filled and unique experience. Each camper's week will be filled with appropriate martial arts training that teaches our campers about discipline, focus, respect and making good choices in a structured setting. Each camp will also include field trips, fun physically active games, quiet time for summer reading programs and other structured activities. We make camp days perfect for parents too by offering convenient early drop off and extended pick up hours.


FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz facility offers a large training floor and a separate study and activity area. The training floor is where campers hold their martial arts classes and play all their favorite indoor games and sports. During their down time, the study and activity area offers a nice break from each day’s physical activities where the campers can play board games, read books, and enjoy other activities. Each camper is also provided a storage space for their equipment, lunch, and snacks that they bring to camp.

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Professional Staff

Our Martial Arts & Sports SummerCamps are staffed with professional blackbelt instructors, program directors, senior staff members, and assistants. Those staff members are trained and dedicated to providing a great experience for every camper. Our staff's purpose is to give your child plenty of attention and encouragement, making their camp experience fun and productive.


Character Development

Coached by professional blackbelts, our campers are taught about being disciplined, controlling themselves, showing respect, and paying attention. They also talk about why those skills are important as they grow up. Separated by age, our developmental classes use basic martial arts skills to help teach those valuable life lessons in a way that fits the learning abilities of each group. In addition, campers are taught the same class curriculum as a full-time Fear Knot student. That curriculum will allow them to continue their martial arts training at Fear Knot once the summer is over.

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Field Trips & More

Field trips offer the chance for campers to get out and play or see the sights. Trips could include a visit to a museum, playing at a local park, knocking down some pins, or maybe catching a movie. Regardless of the trip, you can be sure your child will enjoy a well rounded camp experience. Summers at Fear Knot are physical and fun, but we also offer great opportunities to relax and learn.


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I originally sent my boys to FEAR KNOT to help them achieve a sense of independence & self confidence. I have seen a marked growth in both areas! Also, both are more respectful to others and are impressed with what they have learned. FEAR KNOT offers a positive learning experience where children can grow in confidence, independence, sense of self, strength and skills to name a few.
Tonia P.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply give FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz a call 717-620-8500 to register for your child’s best summer camp ever. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions at that time.

Summer Camp spots fill up very quickly. 

Call today to sign up for camp weeks. You can also make a deposit to reserve your child's space.

Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Will my child have to attend the evening classes if they attend the summer camps?
Active members that attend summer camps will take part in the same scheduled evening classes during that day's camp. Attending evening classes will not be necessary when they attend a camp or camps. Students attending 4 or more camps will receive Active Membership Summer Camp Credit.
What is the active member summer camp credit?
Active members are those who are paying for a membership at FEAR KNOT. If a member(s) has an active non-summer camp (regular or A+) membership (i.e. membership is for a program other than summer camp) that “overlaps” an enrollment in a summer camp week(s), that member is eligible to receive a credit based on that overlap. Active members must register for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks to receive overlap credit. Sometimes children may not attend their regular classes (e.g. an afternoon class) while enrolled in and attending our summer camps, this credit is meant to reimburse any time not used on that non-summer camp (regular or A+) membership.

Details of credit:

1. Credit is only available for a child(ren) attending summer camp with another active membership.

2. The pro-rated credit is based on the member’s active non-summer camp membership agreement.
Can I change my weeks?
Yes, by filling out a change of week form. Please note the difference between changing and cancelling weeks. A change of week is the switching of one week for another, with no change to the total number of weeks enrolled. Since weekly enrollment is limited FEAR KNOT cannot guarantee a spot will be available in the week or weeks that you seek, so please consider your weeks carefully. Depending on when you change your weeks a fee of $15 per change form may apply. See “Important Dates” below for more details.
Can I cancel weeks?
Yes, however, closer to Summer we do not accept cancellations so please see “Important Dates” below. If prior to the stated date below we will refund any/all camp weeks minus a $75 cancellation fee that applies each time a cancellation is initiated (i.e. cancel one week, two weeks later cancel another week = two $75 fees). If a special offer was supplied by FEAR KNOT at enrollment (e.g. a GiftCard or weekly rate savings) an equal amount may need to be deducted from refund if cancellation causes your week total to fall below the special offer requirements. Be sure to see “Important Dates” below.

How do I get started?

Simply give FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz a call at 717-620-8500 to register for your child’s best summer camp ever. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions at that time.

Summer Camp spots fill up very quickly. Call today to sign up for camp weeks. You can also make a deposit to reserve your child's space.
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