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Youth Self Defense

Fitness Kickboxing

Personal Growth & Achievements

Improved Mental Focus

One of the great benefits of martial arts training is the improvement of our students’ ability to focus and pay attention. This is an important skill that will help them learn better in school. It’s been our experience that our students’ grades typically start to improve soon after they begin their training with us.

Improved Life Skills

Fitness Kickboxing

One of our main goals at Fear Knot Martial Arts For Kidz is to teach our younger students skills that will help them become successful adults. Important life skills include disciplined behavior, goal setting, being motivated to be successful, and the perseverance to work through difficult challenges. One of the great aspects of martial arts training is that these life skills are a typical result of that training. Each of our programs specifically impacts those skills. Learning or improving on these skills absolutely has a positive impact on our students’ personal lives.

Respectfull Attitude

Respect is a trait that’s becoming more uncommon among today’s youth. This positive trait is one of the cornerstones of martial arts training. For example, our students are taught to address others as sir and maam, and to listen when others are speaking. They also learn respect by being a good training partner when working with others in class.

Desired for growth & Achievements

Achieving goals and earning rewards is a built-in component of our training. Each student acquires the skills to advance to their next belt (accomplishment). Each accomplishment builds character and confidence. While each student has different physical, mental and emotional abilities, no one sits the bench at FEAR KNOT Martial Arts For Kidz. All our students receive the same amount of training. While some may need a bit more attention than others, your child will quickly learn that they can earn their next belt if they put in the amount of time and energy necessary to achieve it.

Learning Environment

Learning Environment

Professional Instruction

The head instructor at each Fear Knot school is a professional, full-time instructor. Head instructors are certified and taught by Master Keith Wilkes. They are continuously trained in the most modern and effective teaching methods to ensure that all our students are taught properly and safely. In addition, our staff knows how to make sure that classes are safe, fun and enjoyable.

Belt Level Divisions

Respectfull Attitude

We not only divide our students into specific age groups at Fear Knot, we also divide our youth classes by comparable belt ranks. This allows us to truly focus in on the specific skills that each belt group is trying to master and pace the classes appropriately. Instead of an instructor having to teach materials to as many as 15 belt levels, our curriculum is structured to group students of similar experience together. This gives the students more training partners and allows classes to function more effectively.

Safe, clean and sanitary learning environment

All of our schools are cleaned every day to maintain a healthy environment for our students to train in. We understand how important this is to our students.


We know that our students’ lives are very busy. We offer a flexible schedule to make it convenient to attend classes.

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