Kidz Developmental Programs

Age-appropriate and age-specific curriculums not taught at a typical martial arts school. These programs specifically target the physical and mental skills that are developing at each age group.

Youth and Adult Taekwondo

A comprehensive program that teaches self defense in an age-appropriate manner. Understanding the differences in age groups to comprehend the implications of self defense techniques, our youth students are not taught to take an attacker to the ground and strike them. It’s about control and escape for them. Our adult students experience training suited to their abilities and expectations.

Summer Camps

Held at your location or one of our schools, our summer camps can be one day or several days spread throughout the summer. Our camps feature the developmental games used to teach our younger students about discipline, focus and controlling their behavior. Call us to learn more about our summer camps.

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Our Mission

We mold the minds and bodies of young children through our character development programs and teach those students life skills that help them become successful adults, driven to succeed and motivated to achieve their goals. We teach our students the values and rewards of hard work through learning and becoming proficient in their self defense skills. We create leaders in our communities by teaching and modeling the traits of courtesy, honor and perseverance on and off the training floor. We constantly update and improve our curriculum and teaching methods.


Madeline thoroughly enjoys her classes. She is so proud when she knows she’s done a skill well. When she gets home, she’s always so anxious to show her new skills and talk about what she’s accomplished. Master Wilkes and the rest of the instructors have been very encouraging and recognize the students when they do well. We think this is a positive experience for her and she really enjoys it. Thanks!

Lori Eby – Elizabethtown