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Our Purpose

We exist to strengthen our students’ mental and physical abilities, teach valuable life skills, and create community leaders. Our dedicated family strives to support students meeting goals, overcoming life challenges, making great choices, strengthening families, having fun, and maximizing potential!

Kidz Developmental Programs

Age-appropriate and age-specific curriculums not taught at a typical martial arts school. These programs specifically target the physical and mental skills that are developing at each age group.

Youth and Adult Taekwondo

A comprehensive program that teaches self defense in an age-appropriate manner. Understanding the differences in age groups to comprehend the implications of self defense techniques, our youth students are not taught to take an attacker to the ground and strike them. It’s about control and escape for them. Our adult students experience training suited to their abilities and expectations.

Birthday Parties

Our Karate Birthday Party is a great way for your child to celebrate their birthday with friends and family in a safe, controlled environment. With three party options to choose from, the birthday boy or girl will have an experience they’ll be talking about for years to come! Call us to learn more about our Karate Birthday Parties.

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One of the greatest surprises for me was that karate and the instruction at Fear Knot has gone beyond just karate skill and has helped shape Maddy into the wonderful young girl that she is. Her training has truly helped her to be more helpful, patient, self-controlled, etc. not only at home, but she projects these values everywhere she goes.

Craig Weeks, Elizabethtown