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Age Specific Programs

Whether you're a parent looking for a worthwhile activity for your child or an adult wanting to try something different, Fear Knot's programs will have what you're looking for.
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After School Martial Arts

Our A+ After School Martial Arts Program provides an exciting and fun alternative to standard after school options. Based on our traditional and age-specific youth character development programs that teach discipline, focus, respect and making good choices.

Fitness + Character = Successful Kids

If you’re like most parents, you want nothing more than to see your children grow into strong, well-mannered individuals - who respect others. We agree, which is why we teach two crucial components that every child needs on their path to success: fitness and character.

Get ready for FUN!

Our Martial Arts & Sports Summer Camps provide an exciting and productive summer of fun in the South-Central Pennsylvania area for children 5 through 12 years old. Basing the camps on our age-specific, age-appropriate youth character development programs, your child's summer will be a fun filled and unique experience. Each camp also includes field trips, fun physically active games, quiet time for summer reading programs and other structured activities.

Little Ninjas

Designed for Ages 3-6
Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program
Little Ninjas is a concept-based program that focuses on the skills that are developing for 3 - 6 year olds. We use very basic martial arts skills to teach concepts like focus, discipline and control. In our schools we teach our students to learn these skills because it's good for them, not through fear of being punished.

Karate Kidz

A Transition to Traditional Self Defense Programs
Karate Kids Martial Arts Program
Our Karate Kidz program is structured to help your child transition from a purely developmental program like Little Ninjas to our traditional youth self defense program. Like the younger children’s programs, Karate Kidz uses eight age-specific developmental concepts but also includes the beginner level youth self defense program materials.


Designed for Ages 10-12
You Self Defense Martial Arts Taekwondo
One of the great benefits of martial arts training is the improvement of our students’ ability to focus and pay attention. This age-adjusted curriculum teaches 10 - 12 year olds traditional self defense skills along with developing their concentration, discipline, and respect for others.


Designed for Teen & Adult Students
Our adult self defense program is designed to meet the needs of our teen and adult students. It doesn’t matter whether you’re here to learn self defense, get in better shape, lose weight, do something different, or to make new friends. This program is both enjoyable and challenging!

Master Keith Wilkes

Master Wilkes began his Taekwondo training at the age of 15 within the International Taekwondo Federation in Denver, Colorado. A published author and speaker, he is one of the first 100 martial artists to pass the Instructor Certification requirements of the American Council on Martial Arts Instructor Certification program. Master Wilkes earned an A.S. in General Studies from Vincennes University in 1980 and a B.A. in Broadcast Communications with a minor in Psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1990. Besides the martial arts, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife.

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