For 7 - 9 year olds

Karate Kidz Martial Arts Program

Learning for Success

Age-Appropriate Program

Our Karate Kidz program is structured to help your child transition from a purely developmental program like Little Ninjas to our traditional youth self defense program. Like the younger children’s programs, Karate Kidz uses eight age-specific developmental concepts but also includes the beginner level youth self defense program materials. It’s been our experience that children graduating this program are better prepared to learn the materials in our traditional program and use the concept skills they learn in Karate Kidz for success at school and home.

Improved Attention Span

With concentration as one of the program’s concepts, your child will learn skills that will increase their ability to pay attention at school. Learning how to concentrate with their eyes (looking to their teacher), ears (listening to their teacher) and body (sitting or standing still) leads to better learning and better grades. Success breeds success!

Improved Motor Skills

Using speed and agility concepts to develop your child’s motor skills, they will become more successful in martial arts and other physical activities. Over the years, we’ve seen even the most physically awkward students show impressive improvement in the motor skills. This improvement allows them to be more involved with other kids playing sports and participating in other playground activities.

Improved Social Skills

Our highly structured classes create positive social interactions between the students. With lots of partner and group activities in each class, Karate Kidz students are able to use the social skills learned at Fear Knot to interact better with their peers at school and family at home. Socially adept children grow up to be socially comfortable adults able to function well in society.

Learning Environment


Let’s face it, if children aren’t having fun, they don’t want to do it anymore. And they certainly don’t want military- style discipline enforced in class. At Fear Knot, we use “edu-tainment” to keep our students wanting to come back for more. Playing games is how children learn and we play plenty of “games” in each class. Our instructor’s goals are to allow the students to have as much fun as possible while maintaining control and achieving the objective of the class.

Professional Instruction (about an 8-1 student/teacher ratio)

Fear Knot has always worked to keep a reasonable student/instructor ratio so that all students receive an appropriate amount of attention and help in class. The head instructor at each Fear Knot school is a professional, full-time instructor. They are continuously trained in the most modern and effective teaching methods to ensure that all our students are taught properly and safely.

Safe, clean and sanitary learning environment

All of our schools are cleaned every day to maintain a healthy environment for our students to train in. While martial arts is a contact sport, we all have to go to work or school tomorrow so classes are run in as safe a manner as possible.


We know that our student’s lives are very busy. We offer a flexible schedule to make it convenient to attend classes.

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We manage class size to ensure students receive the attention needed to succeed.

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